1. Why should I donate?
    • Well the first reason is that running a server isn't free. So donations help us to pay server bills, even upgrade to more powerfull machines, and it's kind of motivation to keep working on server.
    • Second reason is that you receive some "gift" for your donation (depending on amount of money sent).
  2. Do I have to pay something to play here?!!
    • Of course not, we do not charge any fees for playing on UnknownL2 servers, donations are completely voluntary. All items that are given for donations are obtainable ingame, we do not give "uber" stuff.
  3. 0mG I HATE DONATORS!!!!
    • That's kinda sad and stupid, because donators are people who helps us to run this server, even for you, and as we said before, all items are normally farmable without donations.
  4. Are donations refundable?
    • No, they are not.
  5. How long does it take to get my items?!
    • 12-72 hours after we receive both donation claim email and your payment.
  6. I donated to this server, does it mean that I get some special treatment?
    • No, you still obey all server and forum rules.
  7. By submitting a donation, you agree to following rules:
    • I fully understand words "DONATION", "VOLUNTARY" and "NOT REFUNDABLE".
    • I VOLUNTARILY DONATE to UnknownL2 and I know that my donation is NOT REFUNDABLE.
    • I know that I won't get any special treatment.
    • I know that I have to send a donation claim email, so I won't bitch on IRC/FORUM about not receiving donations.
    • I know that if I won't send donation claim email I won't receive anything.

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